March Skeena River Tours

The Skeena River Oolichan run is really the start of life again after the cold winter doldrums.  It is one of the great migrations of many species to this short tidal area of the Skeena River.  The small smelt like fish come into the river with each rising tide and slowly make their way up river to the edge of the tidal boundary ( near the Kasiks River mouth).  These fish come in by the millions and are blessing for all the wildlife that are looking for their first good meal after winter.  The Oolichan have to run the gauntlet of of the seals, sea lions, eagles and gulls to find a suitable spot to spawn on the shallow gravelly side channels.

Here is a video from  a few years ago that provides a bit more information.  Book your Skeena River tour to see the month of March adventure.